What Resources Offer Free Food Graphics for Restaurant Menus?

Some resources that offer free food graphics for restaurant menus are ClassroomClipart.com, FreeClipArtNow.com, FreeDigitalPhotos.net and PixaBay.com. Classroom Clipart offers a wide array of clip art in multiple sections that include food objects, vegetable pictures, food pictures, cultural food pictures, outdoor food markets and fruit pictures. The website also offers videos, images, fonts, photo objects and sounds.

Free Clip Art Now is a well-organized clip art site with areas for signs and symbols, animals, buildings, education, technology and more. Its food section contains beverages, breads, breakfasts, dairy and desserts and snacks. The website has images and photos too, in sections such as construction, recreation, music, nature and toys. They are all public domain, being free to use for businesses.

Free Digital Photos is centered around photographic representations and contains stock images for use on websites, advertising materials, newspapers, magazines or other materials. It also has full pictures of meals, as well as oils and sauces, alcohol and hot beverages, pasta, salads and vegetables.

Pixabay has many free creative commons licensed pictures as well, including pictures of food growing. While it does not have pictures categorized discerningly, it allows the user to search for keywords. It also offers vector images and videos.