How Do You Replace a Refrigerator Motor?


To replace a refrigerator motor, known as a compressor, a person needs pliers, gloves, refrigerant and a screwdriver. People should also keep in mind that this could be a dangerous and difficult repair, and it is recommended that only a professional does it.

The unit should be unplugged before starting, and all of the contents should be removed. The old compressor is located behind a metal screen and found from the bottom, back of the refrigerator. The compressor should be examined, and checked for a capacitor. This is a large box that is connected to the compressor. This needs to be removed from the compressor, and the compressor should be uninstalled by removing the mounting hardware.

The capacitor should be connected to the new compressor and refrigerant needs to be introduced to the system. There are two different types, R22 and R404c, so it is important to check before putting the refrigerant into the refrigerator. This is a dangerous step due to the ozone depleting chemicals, so extreme caution is recommended.

The final step is to check the valves and ensure that they are correctly connected to the compressor. When all of the wiring and valves have been connected, the metal fencing can be replaced, and the refrigerator can be tested by plugging it in.

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