How Do You Replace the Ignitor in an Oven?


Replace the ignitor in an oven by removing the base cover plate, removing the ignitor, connecting the new ignotor and reassembling the oven. Replacement of the electric ignitor in a gas oven is considered an easy project that should take about 15 minutes.

Once you've purchased the correct replacement ignitor, disconnect all electrical power to the oven by unplugging the unit or tripping the breaker on the house's main electrical panel. Make sure the gas is turned off to the supply line feeding the oven. Remove the oven cooking racks. Next remove the two screws holding down the base cover plate, and remove the plate; the screws should be located at the rear of the plate. This exposes the ignitor located on the bottom of the oven towards the back. Remove the two screws from the bracket holding the ignitor in place, unplug its electrical connection, and remove the old ignitor.

Connect the wires of the new ignitor. If the plugs do not match they can be cut off, the wires stripped and spliced together with the ceramic nuts provided. Do not use plastic wire nuts, which are likely to melt and fail during use. Attach the ignitor to the mounting bracket, making sure to situate the carbide electrode in the same position relative to the burner holes as the old part.

Replace the base cover plate, tighten the mounting screws, and reinsert the oven racks. Turn the gas and electricity back on, and test the oven.

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