How Do You Repair a Whirlpool Refrigerator Door?


As of March 2015, you can repair a Whirlpool refrigerator door by scheduling a service through the Whirlpool website. Repair instructions vary depending on the issue with the door and the refrigerator model.

Visit the Whirlpool home page, and click on Service & Support. Click on Service & Repair. You can then enter information about your refrigerator, the problem and your location to set up a repair appointment. Appointments can also be made over the phone by calling Whirlpool Customer Service at 1-800-253-1301.

Repairs may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty depending on the purchase date of the product. If you have an extended service plan, contact the service provider of the plan to set up a repair.

If the refrigerator door needs to be removed, start by unplugging the power cord and opening the doors. If the refrigerator has an in-door dispenser, disconnect the water line. Remove the screws holding the door hinge cover and the hinge in place. Once the hinges are removed, you can remove the door. If the refrigerator has an in-door dispenser, disconnect the wiring before removing the door.

Once the door is removed, repairs can be made or a replacement door can be installed. Replacement parts and doors are available on

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