What Are Some Repair Options for a Broken IPhone 5s Screen?

What Are Some Repair Options for a Broken IPhone 5s Screen?

Apple offers screen damage repair in-store and by mail with cost depending on if the owner has Apple Care or not. There are also third-party screen repair shops available.

Apple's screen damage repair service differs in cost based on the type of phone and coverage plan selected, as of 2015. Users with Apple Care receive coverage for two incidents with a $79 service fee. Users without Apple Care are charged $109 for an iPhone 6, and $129 for the 6 plus, 5s, 5c and 5.

Otherwise, iCracked.com, a 3rd party phone repair website, also offers screen damage repair. This company sends a technician to the user, allowing at-home repairs. Its prices depend on the type of device that needs to be repaired, but average costs are $99 for screen repair with a 99-year warranty.

Screen repair can also be done by the user. By purchasing a screen display assembly from iFixit.com, users can repair their phones in the comfort of their own homes by following easy-to-read instructions if they are confident in their technical abilities. Users can purchase an iPhone 5s screen assembly for $64.95 from the company, which comes with the LCD panel, digitizer and all the necessary tools to complete the replacement.

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