How Do You Repair an Ignition Switch With a Broken Key?

To repair an ignition switch with a broken key, put the ignition in neutral by inserting a thin hacksaw blade beside the broken car key. Apply the WD-40 lubricant to clean out dirt that may cause binding or friction while using the hacksaw blade to push the key out.

You need needle-nose pliers, a thin hacksaw blade, a wire hanger and a can of WD-40 to perform this task. Insert a stiff wire on each side of the broken key in the grove. Remove the head of the broken key by holding the wires in place. Twist the wires together to get a tight grip of the broken piece of the key.

Using the needle-nose pliers, pull out the broken key piece by shaking it up and down as you pull. You can incorporate the two tools by using the hacksaw blade to push the key out, and then using the pliers to pull out the broken piece from the ignition.

If the piece of the broken key is stuck too deep in the ignition, first use the long thin needle nose pliers to spread open the key way, and then pull it out using the wire hanger. Do not use a lubricant when attempting to remove the key using the needle-nose pliers.