How Do You Repair a Homelite Carburetor?

To repair a Homelite carburetor, use the three adjustment screws located behind the air filter housing on the carburetor's side to change its settings. Use a screwdriver to adjust the appropriate screw according to the problems experienced with the carburetor. All adjustments should be made in a clockwise motion, as plastic limiting caps prevent the screws from turning counter-clockwise. If the carburetor continues to malfunction after adjusting the screws, consult an engine repair shop.

If the gas blower's engine starts but refuses to accelerate when the throttle is activated, find the top-left screw, and carefully turn it in 1/16-turn increments; stop when the engine begins to accelerate as normal.

If the engine only runs on high when the choke lever is located in the middle position, use the high needle screw. Again, turn the screw in 1/16-turn increments. Stop turning when the engine speed decreases and the gas blower operates with the choke lever turned off.

If the engine is smoking while running and refuses to break full speed even though the throttle is depressed, the idle speed screw is the problem. Turn it in 1/16-turn increments. When positioned correctly, the engine stops smoking and begins to accelerate with the use of the throttle.