How Do You Repair the Heating Element on an Oven?


The heating element should first be tested using a voltmeter to determine the cause of the malfunction. If the heating element is the cause, the heating element needs to be removed, taken to a hardware store to find an appropriate replacement, and the replacement attached identically as the original element.

Before replacing the element, check if the range is receiving power. The fusing system within the range could be the cause of the malfunction and should be double checked. Next, the timing system must be examined as the cause of the problem. To check this, turn the heating element settings to manual, which should cause the oven to heat without requiring the timing system. If this does not cause the oven to heat, then the heating elements must be tested using a voltmeter. If a voltmeter is not available, the elements cannot be tested.

The stove must be turned off, and then the heating element unplugged or unscrewed from the terminals and brackets. When this is done, the voltmeter is attached to the ends of both element terminals. If the element is the cause of the oven malfunction, the voltmeter will have a reading over 30 ohms. At this point, an identical heating element must be bought. The element is reattached directly to the terminals as it was before, using the same screws, plugs and brackets as the original element.

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