How Do You Repair a Garage Door?


In order to repair a garage door, repair or replace the trim, frame and track. Garage doors can be affected by a few specific problems, so repairing a garage door depends on what needs repaired, such as the door, opener or frame.

To perform common repairs on a garage door:

  1. Replace the seal.
  2. Replace the weather stripping by first removing the old seal. Open the garage door to about 6 feet, and then pull out the old stripping through the gap behind the track. Clean the bottom of the door before installing the new seal, then cut the new seal to the proper length. Thread the new seal onto the track, then install the threshold.
  3. Replace trim.
  4. With age, trim can rot, especially near the bottom portion. Replace rotten trim by first cutting the caulking and then pulling off the doorstop, brick mold and jamb. Consider replacing the pieces with paint-able solid vinyl pieces, which will not decay.
  5. Clean the track.
  6. Track bottoms can rust, especially when the tracks sit directly on damp concrete. Cut off the bottom 1/2 inch of track with a hacksaw, and then repair the rest of the track. Use thinner to remove any lubricant, then scrape off as much rust as possible. Use a metal spray paint that bonds to rust to repair the track.
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