What Does a Rental Agreement for a House Usually Cover?


The rental agreement for a house covers the rights and responsibilities of the renter and the home owner. The terms included cover items such as the amount of each payment due, as well as the day on which payment is due and any fees associated with late payment.

Additional terms in an agreement cover whether a pet is allowed on the premises and who is responsible for any needed repairs along with which party must cover each utility. Restrictions are often included in the rental agreement as well, such as the number of tenants allowed, unallowable behavior and possible notifications needed when the tenant plans an extended period of time away from the property.

For the homeowner or landlord, rights covered often include provisions under which a visit to the property is allowed. The agreement also describes the condition of the property prior to rental, in case repairs are needed when the renter moves out. There are also termination conditions to break the agreement by either party.

Local laws may provide the renter or landlord with certain restrictions and permissions on the use of the property that may not be included within the agreement. All local laws override agreement terms.

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