How Do You Rent Vacation Homes From an Owner?


Starting early and looking at multiple sources are the best ways to get ahead of the game when renting a vacation home, advises Investopedia. Haggle with the owner on the price or the length of the stay, and learn how to preserve your deposit before signing the contract.

Starting the reservation process early enough is key to having as many choices as possible. Many of the most desirable vacation rentals book up as early as half a year ahead of time. Once you know your destination and departure time, start looking for your rental. Consider enrolling the help of a reputable real estate agent who works in the area, or look at several different websites offering rentals to broaden your options, as stated by Investopedia.

Read the entire contract carefully before signing it. Be aware of the party paying for things like utility bills, telephone service, cable television, housekeeping and Internet service. If utilities are not included in the rental, make sure to account for that in your budgeting, as climate control is often expensive. Take pictures of any existing damage upon arrival and again on the last day of your stay. Proactive evidence saves you money in the long run, notes Investopedia.

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