How Do You Rent a Studio Apartment?

How Do You Rent a Studio Apartment?

In order to rent a studio apartment, use an apartment finding resource such as an online apartment finder or a real estate or property manager to help find the studio apartment that fits the ideal location, area, size and budget. Complete the following checklist to help the process go smoothly.

Potential renters can follow these tips supplied by the Apartments website that address common things to do and consider when renting a studio apartment:

Financial considerations in renting

A studio apartment is usually the cheapest and smallest option when renting. Generally, rent should not exceed 25 percent of the total renter's income. To establish a feasible budget, check to see what is and what is not included in the rent. A studio apartment that includes utilities, water or trash may be cheaper in the long run. If they are not included, inquire about utility deposits and average costs of previous tenants. The utility company can provide the last months or yearly average of utility expenses.

Lease considerations in renting

Make sure everything is in writing and the lease is easy to understand and clearly stated to avoid future questions or issues.

Apartment specifics to address before renting

Visit the exact apartment, not a model. Do a walkthrough and note any existing damages. Check the common areas, the laundry facilities and local neighborhoods and businesses to make sure it is the desired area for the studio apartment.

Renting the studio apartment

If the studio apartment fits the renter's needs, sign the lease agreement. Many property managers and landlords require upfront deposits, a signed lease, transferred utilities and often credit and background checks before final approval.

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