How Do You Remove Lime From Dishwashers?

To remove lime from a dishwasher, empty the machine, place a container of vinegar on the bottom shelf and run the machine through a normal wash cycle. As the machine runs, it causes the vinegar to overflow and dissolve the buildup. Air out overnight with the door partially open.

  1. Empty the machine

    Removing lime works better with an empty machine that allows the cleaning solution to reach all the corners of the cleaning chamber. Leave the dish racks inside to ensure the cycle removes any scale buildup on them.

  2. Place the container with vinegar inside the machine

    Add 2 cups of vinegar to a container just large enough to hold the liquid. Place the container in a secure location on the bottom shelf so it does not dump during the cycle.

  3. Run the normal cycle

    Turn the switches for heated wash or sanitizing cycles to the off position to prevent boiling the vinegar and releasing unpleasant fumes into the kitchen. Set the dishwasher to a normal wash cycle. Do not add any dishwasher detergent to this cycle. Allow the machine to run and overflow the vinegar from the container into the wash cycle.

  4. Open the door

    Leave the door partially open overnight to allow any vinegar smell to escape from the machine as it dries.