How Do You Remove a Ford Ignition Switch?

To remove a Ford ignition switch, turn the ignition key to the second position and slide a pin or Allen wrench into the release opening beneath the switch. Push or wrench up while pulling the key out of the ignition to disengage the ignition switch from its assembly.

The ignition switches in Ford trucks are held in place by small pins located in the base of the switch. Ford offers no recommended service life for these devices, so they may fail suddenly. When this happens, obtain a new switch from an authorized Ford dealership and remove the switch either using a small pin or an Allen wrench of 1/8th-inch size. The position to keep the key in when attempting to dislodge the ignition assembly is the same as the position normally used to start the engine, but stopping just short of cranking the ignition.

The location of the pinhole varies on some Ford vehicles. On the F-250, the hole is directly in line with the key and positioned approximately 2 inches back towards the center of the steering column. Measure this distance starting from the lock bezel. This model's ignition pinhole contains a spring-loaded mechanism that prevents damage to the ignition.