How Do You Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget?


A bathroom can be remodelled on a budget by getting a deep clean: the grout freshened; the toilet seat and lid replaced; the showerhead and faucets replaced; the lighting replaced; the tub and sink resealed; and a new vanity installed. Furthermore, owners who buy fixtures and do painting themselves instead of having a contractor do it can save money.

Instead of undergoing an expensive bathroom remodel, an owner can do small, inexpensive things to enliven a bathroom. Deep cleaning surfaces such as cleaning the exhaust fan, scrubbing the walls, cleaning all the cracks and crevices, and dusting everything helps things to look new. Instead of retiling the floor, an owner can restain the grout using bleach and a toothbrush. An owner who wants to replace tile needs to choose a simple tile design, which is quicker to install and less expensive.

An old exhaust fan can be replaced for a newer one, which not only looks great but also works better to prevent mildew. An owner can replace just the toilet seat and lid instead of buying an entirely new toilet. New light fixtures or even a new vanity make a big difference in a bathroom without breaking the bank. An owner can also install a shiny, new showerhead and faucets.

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