How Do I Register for McGraw ConnectED?


Both students and teachers can register for McGraw-Hill ConnectED on the official ConnectED website. Students need to enter a redemption code provided by their teachers, and teachers must enter a master code supplied by the school district, according to the website.

On the account registration page, the teacher needs to fill in the form with a first and last name, the master code, an e-mail address, and a challenge question and answer. The form also requires the teacher to enter the name of the school. The registration process is completed upon clicking the Register button, when the username and password for the new account are generated. When the user logs in to the new account, details about the program's Terms of Use are displayed, and the user must accept them prior to getting full access to the resource. From the Account Home page, the teacher can use the master code to obtain access to the online class resources specific to the course selected, according to the website.

McGraw-Hill ConnectED is an online teaching environment where teachers and students can continue the learning process without face-to-face meetings in a classroom. Apart from traditional classroom techniques, teachers have access to digital resources that they can infuse into the lesson plan, as described by McGraw-Hill Education Connect.

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