What Is "The Red Tent" About?

"The Red Tent" is a tale set in the Old Testament about the trials and tribulations of a family as seen through the eyes of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and Leah; it focuses on the rites of womanhood within the family surrounded by the story of Dinah from childhood to death. The best-selling book by Anita Diamant was made into a miniseries by the Lifetime Cable Network.

The story begins with Dinah's happy childhood and introduces the red tent, where the women of her family and tribe gather to recount the traditions of womanhood in ancient times, Dinah is initiated into the traditions by her aunts, mother and grandmotheras she nears adulthood.

As Dinah grows up, shemarries and experiences intense love, only to undergo tragic circumstances that tears her from young adulthood and rips her family apart. After losing everything, Dinah moves to Egypt with her mother-in-law, Re-nefer and gives birth to her son, Re-mose. Re-mose is raised as the son of Re-nefer and when he reaches the age to attend school, is sent away to become a scribe.

Dinah, who has been practicing as a midwife, moves out of Re-nefer's house and moves to her friend and fellow midwife's town, where she meets and marries a local carpenter.

Through a series of events, she reunites with her brother when summoned by her son to deliver his master's child, who turns out to be her brother's, child. She returns with Joseph to visit her dying father and spends time making peace with the rest of her family before returning home to live out her remaining days with her husband.