What Are Some Recipes for Roll-up Tortilla Sandwiches?

Some example combinations for roll up sandwiches include cucumber and cream cheese, turkey club wraps and Mediterranean wraps. Roll up tortilla sandwiches always includes a spread to bind the wrap together, along with the other fillings.

Cucumber cream cheese wraps are a low-carb take on classic tea sandwiches. To make these sandwiches, peel the skin off of a cucumber before slicing it into thin pieces. Spread a layer of cream cheese over the tortilla. Slice a few cucumber slices in half, and place them on one side of the tortilla. Lay additional cucumber slices across the rest of the tortilla, and begin rolling on the side with the half slices.

Roll as tightly as possible before slicing the tortilla into pinwheels, and secure each roll with a toothpick before serving. This recipe works well with a cream cheese flavored with onion and dill.

To make a turkey club wrap, begin by covering half a tortilla with cream cheese and the other half with mashed avocado. Fill the sandwich with sliced turkey and tomatoes, and top with crumbled bacon bits and a little lettuce. Roll the sandwich tightly, and slice.

Make Mediterranean wraps by spreading hummus over a tortilla and filling the inside with toppings such as chopped kalamata olives, thinly sliced red bell peppers, red onions and feta cheese crumbles.