What Are Some Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair?


Suggested easy and fast styles for long hair include the beach hippie style, the pin curl twist, the side-swept bun and the high-volume ponytail. The beach hippie style takes two minutes to create, while the other styles can be created, on average, in five minutes.

The beach hippie hair style is designed to work on dry, unwashed hair. To create the look, use several large bobby pins, shine spray, hairspray and a 1-inch curling iron.

Start by flipping the hair over and lightly spritzing hairspray on the underside. Then, flip the hair upright and spray the top. Finger-tousle the hair while it dries. Bobby pin the bangs out of the way to style the remaining hair. Curl 1-inch sections with the styling iron at ear level. Do not include the ends of the hair in the iron. Unpin the bangs and curl the rest of the hair at ear level. Insert spread fingers into the hair at the back of the neck. Do not run the fingers through the hair. Instead, shake the hair to create a messy curl appearance. Pin back a strand of hair on each side of the part. Spray some shine spray over the hair to complete the look.

Upswept hairstyles, such as the pin curl twist, side-swept bun and high-volume ponytail, are made to look casual yet elegant. According to Total Beauty, each of these quick hairstyles are recommended for long hair that has not been washed.