What Qualifications Are Needed to Work in Film and Television?


Working in film and television industry generally requires an individual to hold a bachelor's degree in film or television, or in a related field such as business or arts or nonprofit management. Although a degree boosts the individual's chance of finding employment, different careers in the film and television industry call for different requirements.

Some careers in film and television industry are director and camera operator. The director helps the producer come up with the film or television show by reading and interpreting the script. He tells the camera operator and crew how to execute features of the film or television show such as sound and movement, and he assesses and accepts or rejects other elements such as the film's music and costumes. On top of the bachelor's degree, the director should have work experience and complete a masters degree in fine art.

A camera operator records the film and television events with a special camera, as the director wants. On top of the bachelor's degree, a camera operator should be able to use video editing software, maintain the camera to ensure proper functioning and evaluate conditions that affect the camera, such as lighting. He should also be used to prolonged standing, which is indispensable when operating the camera.

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