How Do I Put on Muscle Quickly?

Putting on muscle is a complex process that takes a varying amount of time depending on the person working out and the specific routine. In order to put on muscle, you will need access to a place where you can exercise, weights and proper nutrition.

  1. Develop a routine

    Create a workout plan that you can follow weekly. Make sure your plan is simple and easy to follow. For many beginning bodybuilders, simple core exercises are absolutely vital. You can add more complex and nuanced lifts and exercises into your plans as you become more skilled as a lifter.

  2. Keep track of your progress

    Make sure you record your body fat, weight and exercises regularly. If you do not track your progress, you will be unable to determine whether or not your current routine is helping you progress at the pace you want. Check your progress regularly to make sure you are progressing at a rate you are comfortable with. If your body is changing too slowly, you may need to modify your workout and diet plans.

  3. Eat to gain mass

    Eat enough food daily to allow your body to build up muscle mass. In order to build, your body must receive more calories than it burns. Try to consume about 1 gram of protein for every pound that you weigh to help your body build muscle.