What Is the Purpose of Myhealthcare.va.gov?

Created by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, My HealtheVet seeks to help veterans, active-duty service members and their dependents work with health-care providers to reach informed decisions and improve their overall health, explains the website. My HealtheVet offers tools designed for managing health care. Depending on their account types, members access VA immunization records, comprehensive lab reports and lists of their existing medical problems.

Veterans who join the website start with basic accounts, which do not require authenticating members' identities, according to My HealtheVet. However, these accounts offer limited access, allowing members to monitor their health measures using tools such as journals but restricting access to personal information found in the site's VA or Department of Defense systems.

Veterans and VA patients have the option to upgrade their accounts to advanced or premium, notes MyHealtheVet. Those with advanced accounts are able to view partial information in their VA or DoD records. Obtaining an advanced account doesn't require identity authentication, but the account links a member's profile information to VA or DoD records.

Veterans with premium accounts go through identity authentication and have access to features such as VA Notes, which are clinical notes health-care providers keep during appointments or hospital stays, states My HealtheVet. They view essential health records, including VA admissions and discharges, allergies, and appointments.