What Are Some Pros and Cons of Imitation Granite Countertops?

Some of the pros of owning imitation granite countertops include the countertops' affordability, ease of installation, sophisticated look and durability. However, faux granite lack granite's heat resistance, and they are prone to scratching and chipping, notes KitchenCabinetKings.com.

Laminate granite-look countertops are inexpensive, costing a fraction of the cost of real granite, notes KitchenCabinetKings.com. This makes them great for inexpensive kitchen updates. The countertops may run as little as $5 per linear foot while heavy-duty applications may cost up to $60 per linear foot, as of 2015. Still, the lessened expense of faux granite countertops are one of their biggest selling points.

Faux granite countertops are also waterproof, making them ideal for use in busy areas of the kitchen. However, cuts or scratches in the laminate can allow water to seep through, leading to unsightly warping of the countertop. Therefore, care must be used not to damage the countertop during use. Real granite is nearly impervious to cuts and scratches.

With proper installation, faux granite countertops last for a long time, much like real granite. Sealing the granite properly keeps it looking good for years after application. However, it is important to avoid using sharp objects or setting down hot utensils because this can cause damage.