What Programs Are Offered by the University of Salford?


The University of Salford in Salford, England offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the fields of business, arts and media, health sciences, nursing and midwifery, as well as social sciences, computing, sciences, engineering and the environment. It is a public research university that started in 1896 as the Royal Technical Institute, Salford, and became the University of Salford in 1967. It also operates a campus in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Salford Business School within the university offers a variety of degrees programs at the undergraduate, pre-masters, masters and Ph.D. levels, placing equal emphasis on teaching, research and academic enterprise within the areas of Accounting and Economics, International Finance, International Strategic and People Management, International Marketing and Services Management, and International Operations and Information Management.

The school offers 18 full-time, honors degree programs at the undergraduate level, including degrees in Business and Management Studies, Finance and Accounting, Business Information Technology, and Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism Studies. The undergraduate programs require three years to complete with the option to pursue a placement year between the second and third years.

The university has a student population of around 20,000, as of 2015, and has many foreign students from countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Greece. Notable alumni include Richard Parry-Jones, former CTO of Ford Motor Company; actors Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess; chief physiotherapist of Manchester United, Rob Swire; Chinese Olympic football coach, Su Maozhen; and Research Director of the Italian Institute of Technology, Darwin Caldwell.

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