How Do You Program a HomeLink Garage Door Opener?


Program a HomeLink garage door opener by pressing and releasing the yellow button marked "Learn" on the Homelink device, pressing and holding the garage door button on your vehicle, and pressing and releasing the garage door button until the door moves. Clear everything from around the door beforehand.

HomeLink garage door systems have the ability to learn the code from the transmitter in a vehicle. Pressing the yellow "Learn" button on the device sets it to the correct mode for monitoring incoming signals. The LED marked "Learn" should glow steadily, and at this point, it is ready to receive incoming signals. Pressing the button you wish to use for the garage door opener on your vehicle transmits a signal to the opener to activate. The car device should beep or click twice or show a lit indicator, depending on the type installed. Continue pressing this button down for two seconds three times to confirm the signal and complete setup.

Resetting the system prior to setup by holding the two buttons on the outer sides of the Homelink system can help it forget previous codes. Homelink maintains a toll-free number for customers who need further support with installation or troubleshooting their garage door systems.

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