What Is the Prognosis for Patients With Bladder Cancer?


The prognosis for patients with bladder cancer ranges between 15 and 98 percent over five years, depending on the stage of the disease when it is diagnosed, according to the American Cancer Society. Other factors, such as how the cancer responds to treatment, also affect the prognosis.

Patients with Stage 0 bladder cancer typically have a 98 percent chance of living five years after diagnosis, states the American Cancer Society. Those who progress to Stage IV by the time bladder cancer is diagnosed have a 15 percent chance of survival after a five-year period.

Treatment for bladder cancer varies depending on the extent of the disease, reports WebMD. Superficial tumors found early can often be removed with transurethral resection, a procedure in which the surgeon inserts a tube into the bladder and removes the tumor. Patients also receive immunotherapy with the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin, or BCG, vaccine. More than 60 percent of patients with superficial tumors benefit from this treatment.

For bladder cancer patients with more advance cases, doctors usually try a combination of chemotherapy and radiation, explains WebMD. If this is not possible or does not work, surgeons may remove all or part of the bladder. The doctor creates an internal pouch from intestinal tissue to replace the bladder.

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