What Is the Prognosis for Multiple Myeloma?


The prognosis for multiple myeloma depends on the stage of the disease at diagnosis using the international staging system; median survival is 62 months for stage 1 multiple myeloma, according to the American Cancer Society. Median survival for stage 2 is 44 months, and it's 29 months for stage 3.

Survival rates are based on the outcomes of a large number of people who have had multiple myeloma previously, notes the American Cancer Society. The median survival rate is the amount of time that it took half of the people in the surveyed group to pass away.

While there is no cure for multiple myeloma, many people live for a long time after being diagnosed with the disease, notes WebMD. Treatments are available that slow the progression of the disease and provide relief of symptoms.

Multiple myeloma treatments are available, including chemotherapy, according to WebMD. Steroid drugs are also used to eradicate damaged plasma cells and reduce the nausea associated with chemotherapy treatments. High-dose radiation therapy is sometimes used to destroy cancer cells alongside chemotherapy treatment or on its own. Stem cell transplants may be recommended to replace cancer cells with healthy new cells that help the bone marrow to begin functioning normally again.

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