How Do You Prevent Hard Stools?

To prevent hard stools, drink plenty of water, eat more fiber or use a stool softener, according to If you undergo hard, dry stools as a result of inconsistent bowel motility, consult with a doctor to identify the cause of the problem and reverse it.

Drink enough water all day long to prevent the colon from pulling out liquids of fecal matter, explains Limit the intake of carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, as this helps you to stay hydrated and keeps the stools smooth. Ensure that you drink at least eight standard glasses of water per day, advises SF Gate.

Eat plenty of beans, grains, fruits and vegetables that are rich in soluble fiber to add bulk and soften stools, suggests SF Gate. Soluble fiber can be found in psyllium, chia seeds and flaxseeds. Other high-fiber foods include pureed carrots, peas, lentils and others. Avoid skins of soft fruits, such as pears and apples. Add the fiber to your diet slowly to avoid gas and bloating.

Visit the bathroom once you feel the urge, states Learn bowel retraining strategies, including how to have routine and consistent bowel movements and how to be comfortable in the toilet. Eat frequently to make soft stools and bulky stools that are easy to pass. Use over-the-counter stool softeners to not only make the stool fluffy, but also to trigger bowel movement. Consult with a physician before using the products.