What Are Some Popular Stained Glass Designs?


Some popular stained glass patterns include Celtic knot, floral, abstract, transom and geometric. Many of these shapes are good for beginners to try because they feature few pieces and relatively simple patterns that allow for color choice options. Other patterns include overlapping circles, dragonfly and rose.

The Celtic knot is a simple pattern, but it is timeless and powerful with the right colors. Designs can be done with as little as 10 pieces to create a memorable effect. The floral design can be just as simple to construct, and it is associated with patterns used in Gothic architecture. Transom patterns can be designed with simple diamond shapes of different sizes running vertically and horizontally. Abstract geometric patterns allow the designer to get creative with shapes and colors and match the design to the suitable decor for window lamp and or sun catcher.

More complex patterns that take up more pieces of glass and have greater detail include overlapping circles or ovals, which can add depth to the pattern and space. Natural portraits, such as those of a rose, play off the floral pattern but use color and detail to make the design more specific. Other nature-inspired classic designs include a dragonfly, turtle, trees, sunflowers and landscapes.

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