What Are Some Popular All-in-One Computers?

Some popular all-in-one computers include the Apple iMac, Lenovo C260 and Dell XPS 18, notes PCMag.com. These computers range in price from $539 to $1,900, as of 2015, and offer up to one terabyte of storage capacity.

All-in-one computers are devices that do not make use of a tower and instead keep all of the hardware in with the monitor. The trend began with the earlier iMacs, but has since be adapted by many other brands of computers. In the technical sense, laptops are considered all-in-one computers, as they do not utilize a tower. Common all-in-one computers are priced around $400 for basic models while the top-shelf versions can reach in excess of $2,500.

The Apple iMac has a 27-inch screen display. The screen itself offers an impressive Retina 5k display, which creates very clear pictures. iMac utilizes a closed operating system, which lessens that risk of viral attacks. It also operates with eight gigabytes of RAM, an AMD Radeon R9 graphics card and LED widescreen.

The Lenovo C260 is an all-in-one touchscreen computer. It is offered at a more affordable price point of $539. Some notable features of this computer is its 500 gigabytes of storage capacity and 19.5-inch screen.

The Dell XPS 18 is smaller than the Lenovo, but still very powerful touchscreen all-in-one computer. It features an LED widescreen display and Intel I7 processor.