What Are Some Popular Layered Hairstyles From 2014?

Some popular layered hairstyles from 2014 were the long layered bob, the asymmetrical pixie cut and the medium layered cut for shoulder-length hair. Bangs were a fashionable addition to many popular layered hairstyles of 2014, particularly the peek-a-boo, side-swept and blunt-cut styles.

Layered styles for short and long hair were popular for women in 2014, especially looks that were inspired by 1970s fashion. One such look, the medium layered cut for shoulder-length hair, became one of the season's most sought-after styles due to its flattering nature and versatility. This look could easily be tailored to an individual woman's initial hair length and facial shape. The medium layers added texture, shape and volume to all hair types and were easier to work with than shorter layers. Another reason for the popularity of the shoulder-length medium layered cut was how easily it could be styled in a messy, elegant, tousled or romantic way, depending on the preference of the wearer.