What Are Some Popular Hairstyles for Fine Hair?

What Are Some Popular Hairstyles for Fine Hair?

Popular hairstyles for fine hair include pixie, bob, wavy and layered cuts. These type of hair styles are better suited for fine hair because it gives the hair added volume and fullness.

Some of the most common issues with fine hair when it comes to styling are its lack of depth and volume. This is why most hairstyles for fine hair give the illusion that the hair has more body and is thicker.

A short pixie cut makes fine hair look thicker, especially with additional styling that gives it a more textured look. Using fingers to style a pixie haircut gives it added dimension, while emphasizing texture at the same time. This hairstyle is also popular for those who prefer hairstyles that require little maintenance.

Bob hairstyles are popular because they work with a variety of different hair lengths, textures and facial shapes. Some bob cuts may also be graduated for more volume and cut with extended fringes to accentuate the cheekbones, while others are cut straight across and blunt.

Wavy and curly hairstyles are popular with medium-length to long fine hair. Using a flat or barreled thermal iron makes it easier to create artificial curls and waves on the hair when styling.