What Are Some Popular Girls Names?


As of 2015, some popular baby names for girls include Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava and Isabella. Mia, Emily, Charlotte, Amelia and Madison are other popular choices, along with Abigail, Harper, Ella and Lily. Chloe, Avery, Zoey and Sophia are also popular options.

Parents looking to choose a popular baby name should check to see if the chosen name is gaining popularity quickly. They may also visit a local preschool or child care center to find out whether the chosen name is popular in their community. New parents often seek their family's acceptance of the name before the baby is born. Parents who don't want to reveal their baby's name to the family until the birth may want to get a close friend or stranger's opinion to help anticipate confusion about the name's spelling or pronunciation.

Parents should also consider potential nicknames, good or bad, when choosing a name for their child. Potentially embarrassing initials are another concern. Other considerations include the meaning of the chosen name and how the chosen name sounds with the last name. Rhyming first and last names or those that create puns, like "North West," may seem cute initially, but typically lead to teasing when the child is older.

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