What Are Some Popular Depression-Era Glass Patterns?


Five popular Depression glass patterns are Cameo, Mayfair, American Sweetheart, Princess and Royal Lace, says Antique HQ. The specific characteristics of each pattern are summarized on the Antique-hq.com website.

Royal Lace, produced by Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, is the most sought after pattern, claims Antique HQ. Originally made in green, pink and crystal, the color Ritz Blue began production in 1936. The Hocking Glass Company manufactured the Cameo, Mayfair and Princess patterns. Green is the most common color of Cameo pieces, although yellow, crystal and pink pieces are sometimes found.

The Mayfair pattern is primarily available in pink and blue; however, some green, yellow and crystal pieces also exist. The Princess pattern, available in pink, green and topaz, has scalloped edges and mold etched designs. Macbeth Evans manufactured primarily pink items in the American Sweetheart pattern.

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