Who Are Some Popular California Artists?


Some popular and respected California artists include Camille Rose Garcia, Mike Stilkey, Andrew Myers and David Flores. These artists work in traditional media, such as oil on canvas, as well as many other media.

Garcia was born in Los Angeles in 1970 and is the daughter of an activist filmmaker and a muralist. Garcia began working on murals with her mother when she was 14. Her work combines images of fairy tales and dystopic wastelands and has been said to be influenced by the surreal work of Beat novelist William Burroughs. International galleries and major magazines have displayed her work.

Stilkey is a Los Angeles native who sometimes uses stacked hardcover books as his canvases. His figures often inhabit ambiguous and melancholy spaces. He has drawn comparisons to such artists as Edward Gorey and Egon Schiele and has seen his work exhibited throughout the United States and abroad.

Myers was born in Germany and raised in Spain but currently resides and works in Laguna Beach, California. He makes use of such items as cement, screws and found objects in his mixed-media work. He has said that one of his greatest artistic joys was seeing a blind man first experience one of his pieces.

Flores is well known for pushing the boundary between commercialism and fine art. His illustrations have appeared in international publications and his reputable galleries have exhibited his work.

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