What Are Some Popular Alaskan Foods?

Akutaq, muktuk and walrus stew are some popular Alaskan dishes. These foods are based on traditional Alaskan recipes and feature the region's most commonly consumed ingredients, including reindeer fat, whale blubber and walrus skin.

Also called Eskimo ice cream, akutaq was originally prepared as a survival food to provide native Alaskans with adequate nourishment during winter. The sweet treat is a hand-whipped mixture of reindeer fat, seal oil, snow and wild Alaskan berries, with modern variations adding sugar for a sweeter taste and fluffier texture.

Muktuk is made from the skin and blubber that cover whales. Similar recipes with walrus or seal skin are also common. These dishes are high in fatty acids and calories, and were particularly important in traditional Alaskan diets. Muktuk is usually eaten uncooked in thin, salted slices, but pickled muktuk is also popular. In some regions, the skin is diced, breaded, deep-fried and served warm with soy sauce.

Alaskans often use the meat of local fish and wild game to make hearty soups and stews. For example, walrus stew involves dicing, salting and boiling fresh walrus meat to create a thick broth and then seasoning it with ripe onions and walrus fat. Diced seaweed and wild potatoes add texture and flavor to traditional walrus stew, while modern variations may integrate macaroni, rice, carrots and store-bought spices.