What Are Some Poems About Being Proud of Your Son?

Brenda Meier-Hans' poem "Son" is a about a mother who takes great pride in her son, while James A. Kisner's poem "Always My Son" is about a father who is proud of his son. Kim Merryman's "Missing My Little Boys" is a poem about a mother who has more than one son and is proud of each of them.

The first-person speaker in Meier-Hans' "Son" describes her son as a gift from heaven and claims her love for him grows with every year. She states that she takes great pride in being the mother of her son and feels privileged for being given the experience.

In Kisner's "Always My Son," the first-person speaker expresses unconditional love for his son but acknowledges that his son is not perfect. Although the speaker knows his son is prone to making mistakes, like any human is, he is proud of him regardless of what he does. The speaker pledges to always be there for his son to help guide him through his life decisions.

The first-person speaker in Merryman's "Missing My Little Boys" describes the things she misses about the time her sons were little boys. Although she longs to return to the time they were children, she takes great pride in the men they have grown up to be.