How Do You Pluck Your Own Eyebrows?


Starting with a freshly cleansed face, brush the brows to make sure they lay down. Pluck one hair at a time from the side closest to the nose, concentrating on stray or extra-long hairs first. Then, go back and start plucking the bottom row where you want the brow to arch. From there, pluck the top into a smooth line. Hold the brow firmly in place as you pull.

It is important not to overpluck the eyebrows. Brows that have a medium weight and height make the face look more vibrant than sparse, skinny brows. A quality pair of tweezers helps to ease the plucking process. The tweezer tips should close tightly together and be at an angle to grab at small hairs. If hairs are too small to catch, leave them for later, so the skin is not irritated. Plucking is a painful process, but ice or painkillers can reduce the discomfort. It is okay to take breaks as needed. Keep checking back for any missed hairs, so you don't get too enthusiastic with plucking. When finished, add a moisturizer to smooth and soothe the brow area. Brush the brows afterwards, and apply brow filler or liner as needed.