What Is the Plot of "The Strangers?"

The plot of the movie “The Strangers” focuses on a couple that go on a remote getaway and are terrorized by three masked strangers. The terror begins after an early morning knock at the door with a haunting voice startles, Kristen McKay and James Hoyt. The couple is later forced to face different scenarios in the film, with the hope of surviving the attacks. The suspense horror film is also inspired by some disturbing true events.

The film begins with a recorded 911 call of a boy screaming that he and his friend found bodies lying in blood at a vacation home. The movie then cuts to a scene of McKay and Hoyt arriving at a remote house, which is owned by Hoyt’s parents. The audience also learns Hoyt proposed to McKay in the same home, but explained that she was not ready. After receiving the initial knock at the door, the couple is trapped in the home by the masked strangers all night. The couple is also left with no forms of communication, as they discover the phone lines have been disconnected.

“The Strangers” is directed and written by Bryan Bertino, who claims the film was inspired by some of the incidents that occurred during the Charles Manson killings. Bertino also claims the film was inspired by an isolated Texas home he grew up in as a child.