How Do You Play "Wrestle Jump"?

"Wrestle Jump" is a wrestling game in which the player only has a single button to control his character. The goal of the game is to throw the opponent's head to the wall or ground.

The in-game character kicks his legs and, if his feet are touching the ground, jumps whenever the player pushes the button. To excel in "Wrestle Jump," the player must press at the right time to perform a jump that forces the enemy character to the ground or wall headfirst. The default game mode has the player win five rounds to end the match. The player can choose to fight against the computer or another person. Other game modes are available, and players can include wind, slippery floors and other obstacles to add more challenge to the game.

The iOS version of "Wrestle Jump" requires iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch models that run iOS 5.0 or later versions. As of 2015, the game costs $1.99 and requires 26.6 megabytes of storage space. Alternatively, players can play "Wrestle Jump" online for free. The game can run on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and other browsers that support the Unity Web Player plugin. Playing the game on Chrome requires enabling the NPAPI flag or manually installing the plugin.