How Do You Play "Sticky Ninja Academy"?

Play the free game "Sticky Ninja Academy" by clicking on the ninja character and dragging the mouse back to launch him in different directions. The goal of each level is defeating the present enemies and reaching the designated end point, utilizing the ninja's ability to stick to certain surfaces.

The game begins by presenting a level selection page, with only one level available at the start of the game. The first level acts as a tutorial stage, explaining the basic mechanics and goals of the game. The goal of each level is to defeat all the enemies and move the ninja character to the end. To move the ninja, click on him and drag the mouse back, then let the button go to launch him. Once you click on the ninja, the game generates a visual guide that shows you his exact trajectory through the level. This guide is useful for calculating precise movements through each level.

To defeat enemies, simply line the guide up so that it passes through them. The ninja automatically defeats any enemy it hits. Another key aspect of the game is the fact that the ninja is able to stick to most surfaces. Later levels introduce features that add new challenges to the game, such as slippery and bouncy surfaces.