How Do You Play Solitaire on Microsoft Windows?

How Do You Play Solitaire on Microsoft Windows?

To play solitaire on Microsoft Windows 7, locate the game by clicking the Start button, searching for games in the Search box and then clicking on Solitaire. For Windows Vista, the game is located by clicking Start, All programs, Games Explorer and then Solitaire.

The rules for solitaire are the same for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The game is for one player, and the objective is to build four stacks of cards in ascending order from ace through king with alternating colors of red and black.

The game begins with 28 cards arranged into seven columns, with the first column containing one card, the second two cards, and so forth. The top card in each column faces up while the rest face down. Four blank home stacks are reserved above the seven columns where ascending rows must be built. Each home stack must start with an ace.

The player begins by putting aces, if any, facing up in the four columns. He then arranges the cards in the seven columns by descending order until the cards can no longer be arranged. He then clicks on the remaining stack in the upper left to draw cards and arrange them accordingly. As cards are drawn, the player either arranges them in the four home stacks or in the lower seven stacks. The arranging continues until the player fills all home stacks or the cards run out.

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