How Do You Play "Skull Kid"?

"Skull Kid" is a side-scrolling flash game in which players move the character through three levels of an office building while he destroys everything in his way. The player controls the character with the arrow keys and presses the space bar to use weapons.

The object of the game is to fight your way through the office until you get to the boss. In the first level you are equipped only with a chainsaw. Use the left and right arrow keys to move Skull Kid to the right until he meets an obstacle. Then hold down the space bar to destroy whatever is blocking your path. Proceed in this manner until you come to the elevator at the end of the level.

The second level is when things become more difficult, and it requires careful timing to succeed. Move to the left until you reach a barrier. Your character then gets behind cover automatically. Use the up and down arrow keys to stand and duck. You have a limited amount of health, so take time to learn each opponent's shooting patterns until you can pop up and shoot him at the proper time. If you have patience and quick fingers, you should eventually make it to the next elevator.

The third level puts you up against your boss. Simply walk up to him, and use your chainsaw. You need to hit him multiple times. Once his guts spill on the floor, you've won the game.

Please note that "Skull Kid" contains graphic bloody violence and is intended for mature audiences only.