How Do You Play the Game "Prop Hunt?"

To play "Prop Hunt," either hunt down and kill the players disguised as props if you're a hunter, or hide from the hunters if you're a prop. The game is available as a downloadable modification of other games, such as "Team Fortress 2" and "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare," and it's also available as an application on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, as of 2015.

Since multiple versions of "Prop Hunt" are available, game play varies somewhat. Some versions allow prop players to choose their props, while others assign a prop to each player. Hunter players choose their character type and weapon. Players switch roles after each round.

Prop players receive a set amount of time, typically 20 to 30 seconds, to hide. To prevent hunter players from simply shooting everything, these players receive damage for shooting actual props. The game restores their health for killing prop players. If the hunter players don't kill all the prop players within the time limit, they die and the prop players win. The hunter players win by killing all the prop players.

Prop players are able to move, although this gives away their positions. The best locations for prop players tend to be hard-to-reach locations or areas with many similar props. Once the hunters leave their spawn room, this also becomes a good hiding spot. For the hunters, weapons that cause fire or bleeding are a good choice, as a hit with these reveals that prop player for the rest of the round.