How Do You Play the Game "Happy Wheels" Online?

Play the game "Happy Wheels" online by visiting the developer's site, launching the game, choosing a level and following the on-screen instructions to navigate a vehicle through the level. The game features numerous user-generated levels with different obstacles and goals, such as reaching an end point alive.

To start the game, choose the Play option and then select one of the available levels. Each level includes a description of the objective along with statistics about its total number of plays and its rating from other players. It also includes information about its overall difficulty level. The game allows you to choose the level editor and create your own levels.

The controls for "Happy Wheels" consist of pressing the space bar to initiate different special actions and the arrow keys to move the vehicle through the stage. The arrow keys also allow certain vehicles to shift orientation during motion, which is often necessary to avoid flipping over and crashing.

The goal for each level is usually to reach a certain location without dying, which occurs if you come into contact with one of the many obstacles. The game features excessive amounts of cartoon gore coupled with a simple rag doll physics engine. Character death usually includes pixelated blood and flailing or detached body parts.