What Are Pegasus Vanities?

Pegasus vanities are bathroom cabinets sold under the Pegasus brand name. They are constructed to hold bathroom sinks. A wide selection of Pegasus vanities is available in stores and online.

Pegasus vanities come in a variety of sizes and materials. Mahogany is popular, and cherry and birch wood are also options. Painted vanities come in white, distressed gray and white with black trim. Vanity sizes range from 25 to 61 inches. Pegasus vanities are usually sold with the vanity top included, which is constructed out of marble or granite. The counter and sink are combined in a single piece. Sinks come in round, oval and rectangular shapes. The 61-inch Pegasus vanity comes with a top that contains two sinks. All other sizes contain one sink. Pegasus vanities range in price from $270 to $1,500 as of July, 2014.

Pegasus vanity tops are also sold separately. The marble and granite tops come in several colors, ranging from ivory to antique black. Side splashes that match the vanity tops are sold separately as well. Small granite and marble samples sell for a minimal amount. The Pegasus brand also includes faucets, toilets, bathroom shelving, medicine cabinets, toilet paper holders, mirrors, wall cabinets and towel rings.