How Do You Get Paint Off of Walls?


Before removing paint from walls, remove wall hangings and furniture from the area and lay out clothes on the floor. Remove the loose paint over the wall using a scraper, as it is possible to remove huge binds of paint on the surface of the wall with ease. In the areas where the paint still sticks firmly to the wall, use liquid paint removers or apply direct heat, suggests

Paint removers that are readily available in the market should be handled with proper care. They often contain harmful chemicals, so wear protective masks and gloves when using them. Follow the directions with utmost precision and work in a well-ventilated environment. When using heat for removing paint from the walls, use a heat plate or a heat gun. Apply only as much heat as needed to remove the paint to avoid starting a fire or potentially inhaling the fumes generated by the process.

Sanding is another way of removing paint, but because of the much greater health risks, it is not highly recommended. Aside from the fact that sanding requires the use of a powerful tool, the mess it leaves behind is not good for your carpet and furniture.

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