How Do You Paint an Exterior Wood Door?

How Do You Paint an Exterior Wood Door?

Paint exterior wood doors using an acrylic paint designed to protect the wood from weather-related damage. Choose a paint that protects against mildew, water stains, dirt and rust. In addition to the paint, outdoor wood painting requires a sanding implement, paint scraper, sponge or steel wool for cleaning, filler and a putty knife.

  1. Clean the door

    Clean the outside of the door with soap and water on a sponge to remove any loose dirt.

  2. Remove old paint coats

    Using a paint scraper or steel wool, remove as much of the old paint as possible. If desired, use a paint remover to completely remove old coats.

  3. Sand down door

    Using sand paper or a sander, sand down any remaining paint to smooth out the wood. Clean off any wood dust.

  4. Fill in cracks, indentations and nicks

    Using a wood filler, painter's caulk or putty, fill in any uneven areas. Sand again if necessary.

  5. Apply the primer

    Using a paint roller, cover the entire surface with primer. Be careful not to drip. For decorative areas on the door, use a brush to apply the primer. Let the primer dry.

  6. Roll on paint

    Use a roller to apply the first coat of paint. After the first coat dries, apply a second coat if necessary.

  7. Apply protective finish

    If desired, cover the dried final coat with a protective finish made for outdoor wooden surfaces.

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