How Do You Find Out the Cost of a Movie Theater Ticket?


In order to find out the cost of a movie theater ticket, either call the theater and directly ask about pricing, or go to the theater's website and select a specific theater location and search for a "ticket pricing" link. Most major theater chains will have pricing on their website, but some smaller theaters may only be able to give this information over the phone or in person.

Movie theater ticket prices can vary drastically based on location, screen size, type of movie, seat selection, time of day and the age of the movie-goer. Almost universally, matinee movies are cheaper, and movies that require special equipment, such as 3-D glasses, tend to be a bit more expensive. Either call a theater directly to inquire about pricing, or use the following steps to find pricing online.

  1. Go the theater's website
  2. Search the theater or chain of theaters online and go to their website.

  3. If necessary, select a location
  4. Since ticket pricing can vary by location, choose the specific theater that is nearby.

  5. Click on any ticket pricing links, or on a specific movie time
  6. Some theaters, such as Marcus Theaters, have a ticket pricing tab that shows all of the prices for different tickets. If the website does not contain this information, click on the movie and the showing time, and continue the process to order tickets online until the site displays the ticket cost.