How Do You Find Out the Amount of Your Retirement Benefits?

Find out an estimate of the amount of your Social Security retirement benefits by creating an online My Social Security account, reports the Social Security Administration. Alternatively, use the Social Security online retirement estimator. The site also offers other online calculators that can help you determine your full retirement age, life expectancy, spousal benefits, and the effects of early or late retirement.

To open a My Social Security account, go to the main page, scroll down, click on the My Social Security icon, and click on Create an Account. You can only open a My Social Security account for yourself. Use your account to monitor your earnings and the amount of taxes you pay for Medicare and Social Security. Receive an up-to-date estimate of the retirement benefits you are eligible for by accessing your Social Security statement.

To receive an estimate of your retirement benefits amount without opening a My Social Security account, go to Social, select Benefits in the toolbar at the top of the page, and click on Calculators under Learn. Use the retirement estimator if you already have the amount of Social Security credits necessary to qualify for benefits but you are not yet receiving them. Use the Quick Calculator to get a rough estimate of future benefits based on your current earning record.